We all want some fun in our lives. We all want to be happy, to have better relationships, to connect with people, to do something different and create memories and stories to laugh about and share. Coming up with the ideas for what to do when you are stuck in a routine, bored or busy can be the hard part. Especially when you are on a budget. If you have been searching for how to be happy, or simply want to make the most out of life, sign up to Have-a-Hoot.

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Quality family time and free activities for kids

Have a Hoot with Your Family

Combat the dreaded words "I'm bored" with free activities for kids! Plus, create your own Super Family with fun and free ideas on spending quality family time together. See more...

Quality time with your partner

Have a Hoot with your Partner

Formalised Date Nights or just wondering what to do on the weekend. Whether you or not you have kids, or have been together 6 months or 16 years, It's important to spend quality time together just having fun. Reconnecting, rather than just going through the motions everyday. Step outside the box and enjoy each other's company. See more...

ideas to have fun with friends


Have A Hoot With Your Friends

You're more than a parent, a partner or an employee. You are your own wonderful self! You deserve to relish who you are with fun, friend time. Use these ideas and activities and make it happen. See more...


Ideas for spending time alone


Have A Hoot Going Solo 

Me time. Time to relax. Be free. Do whatever you want... This can be some of the most rewarding and invigorating times you will have. By taking the time for you, you will in turn be happier, more focused and a better partner, parent and friend. See more...